2Day's Fav

The STR8 From The Motherland collection is one of my favs. The colors are bold and pOpPiN'! The addition of the necktie puts a cool spin on an accessory that is normally "just for guys". Not 2Day! I love this set and think that it is perfect for work or for a party. One of the neatest things is, it all ships for free with delivery taking between 10-20 days.

There is nothing like Old Skool HipHop! This fit pairs new flavor with the Old Skool featuring Mixtape print kicks and a BoomBox purse. Back in the day people used to carry boomboxes on their shoulder and make mixtapes for their friends. The music had a clear message then..some of it positive...some of it..um..not so much. I like Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Run DMC, The Brat...Salt n Pepa...Lady Of Rage..whew so many.